Souls of walls

on Monday, 11 March 2013

In the afternoon
My father’s portrait
Hanging on the wall
Swings like
Last implicit words
The wind from the east
Signs the arrival of summer
Windows patter with themselves
Bidding farewell to the winter
The window glasses
Gesture a common smile
Of Parting and welcome
In replica
Some souls are
Embedded in the walls of the home
With shades of water colours
Breathing more than life time
Houses are engraved fortifications
And I am alone now
Waiting for the homecoming of son
From school
The warmth in the air
 Intimating humid time
Curing the intestate mind
The erroneous zones
Shed wet inscriptions
On the foot steps of doors
Like a snail
 Weather is altering
Through all the open ventilators
And the grandson arrives
Painting on the wall comes to standstill
The inner walls bells
Echo consequently to the weather
Homes do not wither away

Love and agony

on Monday, 4 March 2013

(Rampa, E.G.Dist.A.P.India -96)

Virgin mineral
Beneath feet
And robust surface