on Sunday, 4 August 2013

Me and my wife
Sleep on the swing mat
Tied below to our sons cot

In the midnight
Crescent moon plays hide and seek
Through the windows mirror
Gossips with plants
And wooden sculptures of aboriginal people
Stationed on the plank

Early in the morning
Bird tapping the windows mirror
Pronounce it heard the chat
And clasps its feathers joyfully



Vijay Vaghela said...

I must saw WOW.... I went through your creations... awesome. Thank you for having posted one of your works for The site is in its infancy, and I hope it will grow, with your contributions and also... blessings. Thank you again Sir.

Satya said...

Thanks Vijay for your compliments and will certainly do my best for your endeavours

Vijay Vaghela said...

A real vivid picture of serenity and unity with an amalgamation of the basic elements of nature and companionship of loved ones...A joyful bliss in the whispering silence of the night and natural beauty, culminating in a wake up call by a tweet that says it saw and heard it all. Lovely Satya Srinivas Sir. I must post this!!!

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