Wakeful dreams

on Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Binding love on the lips

Un voiced words bondage

 Night awakes in the eyes

A dawn in no way touching the dusk

Revolving around same space

Speed pledges

 N number of times

Behind the hills

 And woods

An enigma: Love

Traversing soul

In between sky and soil

Haven’t seen a falling star on the earth

Nor it’s hum in the blue

Sharing love and anger

At a time

Knowingly the beholder

Consumes wine and

Relishing feelings

Drunken monks are tavern tenders

You are invited to my abode


With forbidden imaginings

I assure you

Refreshing nostalgia

When you leave

Reminiscence of shared love and abhorrence

Spirited body

With an eye of watch clock flesh

Naked dreams

Ablaze eternally


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