on Saturday, 28 June 2014
My roots penetrate
Into hidden layers of the soil
Unfold into chorus
Orchestrated by vivid birds on the branches
Few petals dancing to the wind and rain
Fall on earth
As a tribute to the path
This paved a journey to abode
The serenity beneath the footprints
Blossoms in the sky
My eyes embrace the trunks in the woods
As I move ahead



Vijay Vaghela said...

Dear Satya Srinivas Sir, your mesmerizing journey to the abode is described so vividly in the realm and lap of nature, captured with dancing petals floating down to the earth with the wind and the rain, to the orchestra of birds singing along the way; naturally and invariably the journey becomes a pleasant walk that remains rooted with home, sweet home, like footprints on the pavements of time.

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